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Dollar strength deflates world finance
Last week's update suggested that the standard explanations for the current financial volatility seem misdirected. This week's lays out the mechanics of an alternative ...
It's different this time?
It's common to hear that the most dangerous words in economics are 'it's different this time'. But 'it's just the same as last time' ...
Ownership of homes or residences by foreigners in Indonesia
Indonesia issued Government Regulation No. 103 of 2015 regarding the Ownership of Homes or Residences by Foreigners Residing in Indonesia ...
Anti-trust risks in group transaction (III)
In the last issue we mainly focused on practices where participants (Participants) to group transactions act as sellers, including purchase volume threshold, exclusive ...
Other articles & Reports
How continuing US sanctions on Iran impact non-US businesses and individuals doing business in Iran, 03/02/2016 The West's sanctions on Iran changed significantly in mid-January as the EU and the UN relieved almost all restrictions. The US, however ...
It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding: Asia-Pacific exceptionalism and BigLaw global M&A, 18/01/2016 The 2015 results for Asia recently published by Mergermarket throw up some interesting statistics. They confirm in a record year for value of deals what we have long been arguing: namely that Asia (excl. Japan) is something ...
Special Reports
IP & TMT While Gilkron's General Counsel looks at ways technology can aid in-house counsel in 'IP can be both easy and hard to find', Yoon & Yang focus on the implications of new technology in 'Regulation of personal information in new fields'.
Mergers & Acquisitions Positive trends in Pharma, Energy and Insurance M&A from Phoenix Legal in India, Chandler & Thong-ek in Thailand and Fasken Martineau DuMoulin in North America
Responding to Change – New model firms et al. Along with a cover story entitled 'Emerging from practising 'inside the box'', which compiles the thoughts of in-house counsel throughout the region, this Special Report on Responding to change: New model firms et al. looks at what's new on the legal market thanks to Axiom and Eversheds in their respective articles 'A cure for the cost coverage conundrum?' and 'Challenges facing in-house counsel'.
In-House Insights
Leading in-house counsel throughout a 'worldwide web'
Global General Counsel of NetApp Matthew Fawcett shares his views on overseeing a worldwide legal team, advises the In-House Community on what they have stated are their most prevailant challenges and tells them what to do when "sitting in the worry seat".
The importance of communication
Robert Southgate, Head of Corporate Governance, Compliance & Contentious Legal for the Asia, Middle East & Africa region for British Telecommunications (BT), reveals to the In-House Community his methods of motivation, what makes external counsel stand out to him and why 'phoning it in' is never the answer.
What the doctor ordered
As well as highlighting the importance of teamwork within an in-house team and between the legal team and others within the business, Michele Kythe Lim, Group Head, Legal & Secretarial/Company Secretary at IHH Healthcare discusses what she feels is essential to in-house success, as well as revealing how she motivates and inspires her team and herself. She also points out how now, legal departments need "to work hand-in-hand with the client".
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