About the In-House Community

A mutually supportive community of In-House Legal and Compliance Professionals helping each other meet their ethical, legal and business commitments and responsibilities within their organisations. The In-House Community is comprised of 20,000+ individual members with a responsibility for legal and compliance issues in the Asia-mena region, who we engage via:

In-House Community Congress
17 annual events in 13 jurisdictions, with over 3,000 attendees each year.
Asian-mena Counsel

Magazine and e-updates for the In-House Community and those who serve them.

Articles, updates, webinars and webcasts at the online home of the In-House Community.

Our mission is to ‘Empower In-House Counsel’ to more easily fulfill their ethical, legal, compliance and business responsibilities and Improve Legal & Ethical Compliance for the Benefit of All. We do this by providing a variety of platforms for professional discourse, the building of supporting relationships and the sharing of knowledge for the benefit of anyone fulfilling an in-house legal or compliance function.

Over the last 20 years, the Community has been built and maintained through our 17 annual In-House Congress and Symposium events, Asian-mena Counsel magazine and e-updates, including the Weekly Briefing, and online at (www.inhousecommunity.com).

The key benefits of the In-House Community are free to qualified in-house counsel, legal directors and corporate compliance managers. To join the Community, simply email your details to our Community Development Manager, Yvette Tan by email here.

Alternatively, you can sign up online here.

Our enhanced membership is Jade. For more that, click here.


Engage with the Community
If you are an external counsel or professional service provider, and would like to know more about how you can benefit from a relationship with the In-House Community and its members, please contact us here.

In-House Community Thought Leaders
The In-House Community Thought Leaders are a select group of respected senior in-house practitioners who provide us with guidance on issues related to the function and practice of being an in-house counsel for our events, the magazine and for the In-House Community as a whole. Click here for their details.

The In-House Community Corporate Counsel Credo
Created in conjunction with a number of our Thought Leaders, the Corporate Counsel Credo has eventuated as a result of various discussions at our In-House Community gatherins, where counsel suggested that they would find such a document useful in meeting their ethical, legal and business commitments and responsibilities within their organisations. To read the Credo click here.

“Creating a business focusing on the ‘sell side’ (ie external counsel) of the legal service value chain is relatively easy and has been the norm for decades Rallying the ‘buy side’ (namely in-house counsel) to lead value creation is much more challenging. The In-House Community™ is unique in that regard. As a ‘lifer’ in-house counsel, I am excited at the In-House Community’s potential in helping us to address this challenge.”

– Kenny Tung, General Counsel, Lex Sigma Ltd. and former legal director / general counsel in Greater China or Asia at PepiCo, Goodyear, Honeywell and Kodak as well as Chief Legal Counsel at Geely Holding.
About Pacific Business Press Pacific Business Press is the founder, host and organiser of the In-House Community (www.inhousecommunity.com) and its associated forums, as well as the legal opportunities website for Asia and the Middle East – mycareerinlaw.com