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Data collection and early case assessment for investigations
Data collection and analysis for investigations is very different to collection for discovery or review. This article discusses the differences; how Early Case Assessment (ECA) can assist and the benefits of using review technology ...
The rooster is on the run
The pursuit of happiness has been an inalienable right, at least in the United States, since July 4, 1776 when it originated as an “unalienable” right in the Declaration of Independence ...
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IHC Magazine: Deals of the Year 2021 Results, plus more. April 2022 issue.
In this edition, along side Q&A's with lawyers and other important legal updates, we feature our Deals of the Year report, showcasing our winning deals of 2021. These suggest a post-pandemic market comeback, with notable trends in green bond issuance and renewable energy projects. Digitalisation is another trend in global business, which has seen a COVID-related acceleration to perhaps “breakneck speed” (Eversheds Sutherland). In China, the Securities Regulatory Commission launched its pilot REITs project in 2020 to revitalise infrastructure assets and capital market ability to serve the real economy. We hear about the challenges and successes of this project (East & Concord).