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Beijing-based law firms Anjie and Broad & Bright have merged following a successful agreement between both sets of partners.

Anjie law Firm Broad and Bright Merger

The new law firm will be named Anjie & BB Law with offices in seven Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Haikou and Nanjing). It will also employ over 500 legal professionals and support staff, including 60 in Hong Kong.

This strategic merger bolsters the strengths in both firms regarding antitrust, dispute resolution, M&A, capital markets, IPOs, PE&VC, financial regulation, intellectual property, employment, data protection, funds, trust and compliance in onshore and cross-border areas.

The new entity will focus on insurance, life science, IT, digital entertainment, energy & infrastructure, fintech, maritime and other sectors.

Founded in Beijing in 2012, Anjie Law has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Haikou and Nanjing. It has been in association with Hauzen LLP to offer both onshore and Hong Kong legal services to clients.

Broad & Bright was founded in Beijing in 2004 and has about 100 lawyers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Broad & Bright has been in association with CFN Lawyers offering seamless services to clients in cross-border transactions.

Broad & Bright managing partner Philips Ding said the merger integrates and multiplies their expertise and pools financial resources so the two firms can create a more sophisticated service.

“We expect to quickly scale after our full integration and develop new legal services models. Our merger will inspire us to stay true to the shared values of both firms and foster a consensus-based culture and maintain our constant commitment to diversity and inclusiveness,” he said.

Anjie Law chairman Zhan Hao said the merger takes the two firms’ practice “to the next level” in terms of the diversity of practices, expansion of established areas and its human resources.

“We can now respond to the strong momentum of the Chinese legal services market. The road ahead is long and never stops. We have committed ourselves to be self-motivated and keep pressing ahead,” Zhan said.

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