“Asia Pacific M&A and Corporate Strategy amidst Global Market Dislocation”

A foreword to the Distressed M&A and Corporate Insolvency Hub by Kenneth Hsi Jung Koo.

As the world wrestles with the Covid-19 pandemic, many economists, political analysts and pundits continue to speculate about permanent changes to business patterns and consumer behavior.  But even before Covid-19’s bolt out of the blue, the confluence of rising trade frictions, growing de-globalization, tightening geopolitical tensions and daring central bank monetary policies already was pushing countries’ economies akilter.  Corporations, credit lenders and institutional investors are all facing complex, new challenges to their business strategies, and ultimately to their competitive positions.

How deeply will supply chains reconfigure?  Which Asian countries are resourceful and agile enough to weather the volatile international changes?  Which internet models and players will prevail? Will the financial markets help or hinder?  Which countries, which industries and which specific companies will financial capital favor, or penalize?

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