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September 6, 2013
Intellectual property (IP) laws and competition laws both support the development of technology and economic …
July 10, 2013
Prior to 1974, the Malaysian oil and gas industry was based on the concession system under the Petroleum Mining Act 1966. Due to the energy …
July 10, 2013
Real estate investment trust (REITs) have been receiving greater attention as an instrument of investment in the Malaysian capital market over …
July 8, 2013
Our Special Report on M&A takes a look at which jurisdictions are leading the pack in deal-making activity in 2010. We also hear from leading firms as to the status quo of M&A laws and regulations in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam – find out which countries are making a push to encourage foreign investment through development of their legal frameworks, and which still have a long way to go.
July 8, 2013
Our latest edition of Asian-Counsel takes a look at the various happenings in the region’s capital markets sector. Whilst change is abreast with money flows shifting directions and new industries gaining momentum, we uncover why Hong Kong and Singapore regulators are still setting the pace. Leading law firms also reveal the latest capital markets trends in Malaysia, India, Japan, Thailand and South Korea.
November 29, 2011