SupremeCourtInside_lgeInterest in virtual arbitration is on the rise as the Coronavirus outbreak spreads to more countries, and a recent proceeding conducted by Law In Order has proven that the technology is ready to meet the demand.

The state-of-the-art virtual arbitration comprised remote real-time transcription and remote evidence presentation services accessible on a hosted virtual arbitration solution. Hearing participants attended from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the US and UK.

The virtual proceeding can simulate all the necessary components common in an arbitration or court room infrastructure, and is best suited for short hearings when expert witnesses must reschedule due to unavailability during hearings or cannot travel.

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller, Global Head of eHearing Services

“This is a cost-effective solution, saving the expense of flights and accommodation to meet for international hearings,” said Elizabeth Miller, global head of Law In Order’s e-hearing services. “Judges, arbitrators, tribunals, legal teams and witnesses can all connect to the session and participate in a formal proceeding.”

The technology means participants do not have to use a traditional video conference facility to connect and can use mobile, laptop and tablet devices instead. The service can function purely as a virtual, electronic forum or can be configured as an auxiliary to a standard e-hearing room, combining the benefits of both virtual and physical proceedings.

“We have real experience in this field, working on high-profile matters and lessening the complexity of logistics on global matters impacted by events such as viral outbreaks and civil unrest,” said Miller. “A matter can resume online, without compromising the quality of justice in the proceeding.”

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