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Update on 49% cap and LLoyd's entry into India
The Insurance Laws (Amendments) Bill will increase the foreign equity cap in Indian insurance companies to 49% and will treat Lloyd's of London as a foreign company.
Paper planes: the financing of aircraft pre-delivery payments
If executed right, aircraft pre-delivery payment financing can actually be less risky than traditional aircraft finance.
Avoiding data breaches and managing them if they happen
As the risk of a data breach has rapidly increased with constantly changing technology, businesses have to address the issue now.
Cabotage Reforms in Australia
Almost three years after the enactment of the Coastal Trading Act, it has failed to revitalise the Australian shipping industry.
The G20 Global Infrastructure Hub – First steps
The G20 has given the Sydney-based Global Infrastructure Hub only a four year mandate to realise its goal of closing the global infrastructure gap.
Oil price volatility - risks and opportunities in 2015
The crash of world oil prices can create great pressure for principals and suppliers to take a commercial decision to walk away from contracts as a result of market conditions. Should a party find themselves facing a contractual termination issue, ...
New era of supervision of Australian private health insurers
If enacted, the proposed Private Health Insurance Act 2015 will empower Australian Prudential Regulation Authority to administer the prudential regulation of the private health insurance industry in Australia and the provisions of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 relating to the establishment, ...
NSWales Gov't takes aim at subcontractor retention monies and announces SOPA overhaul
Not only has the NSW Government announced the "ground-breaking" creation of a cash retention trust scheme for "the protection of subcontractors", but we have also been told to expect in 2015 a full review of the Building and Construction Industry Security ...
Australian insurers drive into China
China has committed to allow Australian insurance providers access to China’s lucrative statutory third-party liability motor vehicle insurance market.
Dealing with Big Data cause headaches for Australian companies
Under a revised privacy regime, the Australian Privacy Commissioner has a range of increased powers. Businesses need to ensure that systems and procedures are up to scratch and compliant with the new rules.
Australia’s autonomous sanctions
Don’t be ‘shirt-fronted’ by the proposed amendments to Australia’s autonomous sanctions ...
China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will unlock significant commercial opportunities for Australian businesses and provide enhanced investment protections ...
Australia Insurance Update
Entitlement to damages for fees for managing the investment of compensation payments
Australia: Where BIM is implemented on a project
BIM is increasingly being used in the Australian construction and infrastructure industry. As more and more projects adopt BIM to manage design and construction, parties need to consider the various legal implications relating to the allocation of risk, intellectual property, ...
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Will we see the end of Keywords in eDiscovery?
With the advances in Technology Assisted Review (TAR), it raises questions as to whether keywords still have a place in eDiscovery ...
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