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Michael Gagie has been appointed as regional managing partner for Asia. In his new role, Gagie assumes executive and leadership responsibility for the group’s law firms in Hong Kong and Singapore.  He has spent the past decade working in a number of leadership roles across the group’s Asia offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The group’s new regionally focused leadership structure for its law firms in Asia draws on the existing close working relationships between those offices, and reflects the broader move of a number of key clients and intermediary firms to a regional platform for legal, fund and fiduciary services in Asia.

I am delighted to take on this new leadership role within the Maples Group. As the economic and financial landscape in Asia continues to evolve, so too do the requirements of market participants. With our expansive legal and financial services offering, our regional focus enables us to leverage our combined resources across offices for the benefit of our clients and their businesses,” Gagie pointed out.

For nearly 30 years, the Maples Group’s Asia offices have been servicing multinational clients on their investments in Asia, as well as Asia-based clients on their overseas investments. The group has a global footprint of 18 offices worldwide, and its Asia offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai continue to grow year on year. With over 300 legal, fund and fiduciary services professionals based in the region, the group has a long-term commitment to growing its presence in Asia, and continues to garner a market-leading reputation.

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