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Trevor Faure promised to help fellow Billion Dollar General Counsel with the problems that pile up on a Monday morning. And in three workshops across Greater China – Hong Kong (September 7th), Shanghai (September 10th) and Beijing (September 11th) – he was as good as his word.

The In-House Community™ was very proud to work with Co-Hosts Eversheds and King & Wood Mallesons and bring over thirty top company General Counsel together to engage in the three half day workshops ‘The Smarter Legal Model: More for Less’ by Trevor Faure, General Counsel / Head of Legal for 25 years at EY Global, Tyco International, Dell EMEA and Apple EMEA.

Issues raised by our General Counsel and addressed by Trevor included: how to position the General Counsel’s role within the Management team; how to build and motivate the right-sized team with the right people; and how to change non-lawyer colleagues’ perception of the In-House team being a barrier to being an effective partner in the business.

Trevor also provided a stimulating thirty-minute keynote address to the In-House Congress Singapore and, if the feedback is to be believed, we can hope to have Trevor providing similar half day workshops to our Community in South East Asia sometime soon.

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