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With travel restrictions, WHO emergencies and even time pressures making running an arbitration more of a challenge, Maxwell Chambers is now offering advanced virtual arbitration solutions in collaboration with Law In Order.

Law In Order’s integrated secure cloud-based platform enables access to materials from anywhere and online collaboration in a single connected environment. Users can work around current travel restrictions by conducting hearings with overseas parties via video conferencing facilities, which integrates with a virtual ADR platform.

Recently, Law In Order facilitated a landmark in international arbitrations, facilitating the first in its advanced form — a purely electronic ADR proceeding.

The virtual arbitration comprised remote real-time transcription and remote evidence presentation services accessible through the Law In Order-hosted virtual arbitration solution. Hearing participants attended from London, Singapore, Bangkok, China, The Hague, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Washington and Geneva.

The virtual proceeding can simulate all the necessary components typical in an arbitration or court room infrastructure. The solution provides three concurrent visual and interactive links producing a purely electronic proceeding, removing the inconvenience of geographical barriers.

E-arbitration innovations
Law In Order’s advanced virtual arbitration set-up can also integrate with a physical hearing room, providing the advantages of both set-ups.

Singapore-based parties will be able to book a hearing room at Maxwell Chambers and enjoy connection to overseas parties through Maxwell Chambers’ video conferencing facilities, which will be integrated with Law In Order’s virtual arbitration set-up.

The advanced virtual arbitration set up has a remote real-time transcription service, including automated hyperlinking to online evidence platforms and also functions across the physical and virtual set-ups. A further offering is the new touch-operated, real-time transcription screens that now function seamlessly with live interpretation, making complex cross-border disputes with multiple languages more time-efficient and precise.

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