Yulchon (formerly Woo Yun Kang Jeong & Han) has recruited Hae Sung Park, Hae Sik Park, Sang Min Lee and Seok Hoon Kang as partners to strengthen the firm’s litigation and tax expertise. All four former judges are widely respected for their in-depth knowledge of litigation and tax practices and their extensive experience. Sung Park is a former presiding judge of the Seoul High Court, Civil Division and also served as a former chief research judge of the Supreme Court of Korea. He previously worked as a presiding judge of the Seoul High Court, Criminal Division and Seoul Administrative Court. He has been extensively recognised for his role in shaping case law and legal precedents in Korea in many areas including civil, criminal and administrative. Sik Park has previously worked as a presiding judge of the Incheon District Court and a research judge of the Supreme Court of Korea in charge of administration. He also held various judicial appointments, including Seoul District Court, both Criminal and Civil Divisions and Seoul Administrative Court. Over the course of his career as a judge, he was instrumental in establishing case law relating to major anti-trust issues and other administrative matters. Lee is a former research judge of the Supreme Court of Korea and previously held various court appointments. He was also the director of the Department of Legal Affairs and the Department of Planning of the Office of Court Administration. Kang has extensive experience on tax law and is a former research judge of the Supreme Court of Korea where he has been in charge of tax cases for the last four years. In particular, while he worked as the head of tax research team, he examined all tax cases appealed to the Supreme Court and played a pivotal role in pioneering and developing tax case law.

Yulchon (formerly Woo Yun Kang Jeong & Han) has appointed Sang Wook Cho, Ji Woong Lim, Young Sun Cho and Yong Pyo Yeom as partners. Wook Cho has experience in both domestic and cross-border corporate transactions, including M&A, collective investment schemes, labour and employment issues, and asset management consultation. His knowledge of fund law and labour union issues were developed through his experience as an in-house counsel and as a member of asset management associations. Lim has experience in international capitals markets, structured finance and derivatives, and collective investment schemes. Through his involvement in banking and finance, capital markets and related legislative matters, he regularly provides corporate and compliance advice to corporate clients and financial institutions. Sun Cho has experience in general corporate matters, including establishment of joint ventures, asset sales and transfers, and real estate. His involvement in both inbound and outbound foreign investment as well as his expertise in licenses further strengthen Yulchon’s corporate, banking and finance practices. Yeom is a former public prosecutor and has experience in both corporate criminal matters and civil affairs. His involvement in corporate, environment, intellectual property and customs related issues strengthen Yulchon’s litigation and arbitration expertise.

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