Jinsu Jeong

Yoon & Yang LLC
Managing Partner
Email: jsjeong@yoonyang.com
Phone: (82) 2 6003 7103, Fax: (82) 2 6003 7832
South Korea
Experience / Expertise:
Compliance / Regulatory
Investigations & Due Diligence
Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Jinsu Jeong is the managing partner at Yoon & Yang LLC. Mr. Jeong has extensive experience in commercial and civil litigation as well as white-collar criminal defense. During his 15-year tenure in the judiciary, he served as a judge in various levels of courts including the Seoul District Civil Court, Seoul District Court, and Seoul Western District Court. In 2005, Mr. Jeong took on a prestigious two-year stint as a Judicial Researcher at the Commercial Law Department of the Supreme Court of Korea, where he developed particular expertise in securities, insurance disputes and managerial rights disputes. Since joining Yoon & Yang in 2007, Mr. Jeong has successfully represented numerous conglomerates and multinational companies in their disputes surrounding derivatives products and securities transactions and defended many corporate officers in various embezzlement and breach of duty criminal cases.