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Blackberry Workspaces Secure

How much confidential information does a law firm handle on a daily basis? They are in possession of clients’ business profits, family backgrounds, criminal history and many more. If these sensitive materials end up in the wrong hands, the firm and the client’s image may be put in jeopardy. An even worse scenario is that you have no clue until the damage is done. By then, the situation would be a lost cause. How can one stay out of trouble related to the disclosure of delicate information?

With BlackBerry Workspaces, you can limit the risk of data loss and IP theft by embedding Digital Rights Management (DRM) security into individual files. Only authorized users have access to the files and you can control what they do with the document – save, edit, copy, or print. Even after the content is downloaded and shared outside your organization with your partners, suppliers and customers, it remains secure and in your control. If there is an intruder in your file system, the BlackBerry Workspaces administrator can instantly block access to the file. This means the protection of your files travels with them, regardless of how widely they are shared.


In the above short video, find out how Workspaces helps you manage permissions and track file activity. Workspaces gives you full control on how to keep all types of your content safe. We understand the importance of keeping information private for clients – not only for the legal industry, but across all fields as well.


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About Blackberry Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces makes your content secure wherever it travels. With Workspaces, all stakeholders can safely access, share and collaborate on even the most sensitive files, using any device — desktop (Windows, Mac) or mobile (iOS, Android, BlackBerry). By combining a user experience that’s as easy and intuitive as any consumer solution with a unique datacentric architecture (which embeds protection right in your files), BlackBerry Workspaces is designed to meet the needs of your organization, IT team, and users. To learn more, visit www.blackberry.com/workspaces.