Cedar White Bradley Launches New Brand Identity

Following the merger of leading intellectual property specialists Cedar White Bradley, Hahn & Hahn and PETOŠEVIĆ Group, CWB emerged as an unrivalled super-regional firm in 2023. With 29 offices, 150 practitioners, and 250 employees, CWB now services and manages the portfolios of some of the world’s leading IP owners across 100+ jurisdictions in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

To represent the merged entity, the group developed a new brand inspired by the identities of the three merging firms, uniting and evolving the features of their former logos. The CWB ARROW symbolizes a firm that is rising above limitations, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, to set new standards and transform how IP services are delivered and consumed.

As a firm, CWB ARROW is driven to rise above the everyday limitations and trade-offs inherent to the regions where it operates to create sustained certainty in an uncertain landscape. CWB ARROW holds itself to the highest standards of performance to deliver a consistent level of quality service across a large geographical area, despite all the challenges posed by the jurisdictions it operates in.

CWB ARROW also adopted THINKING BEYOND as its slogan to capture and express its purpose and what it stands for. The merged firm aims to make the future better by thinking beyond possibilities to enable and empower creators and innovators to efficiently and effectively extend their IP into secondary markets to effect social reform, economic development, and technological advancement.

The change is much more than just cosmetic, as it represents CWB ARROW’s commitment to creating a unified, cohesive, and powerful CWB brand that showcases its purpose, the services it offers, and how it goes about delivering those services.

By adopting this new identity, CWB ARROW is sending a clear message to its clients and partners, that it is a strong, innovative and forward-thinking firm that is ready to take on any challenge.

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