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Experience / Expertise:
International Trade
Investment Treaty
Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals
Maritime (dry)
Maritime (wet)
Negligence / Liability

Conducted a large number of arbitrations, both domestic and international and involving substantial sums up to approximately USD 40 billion (one case) and complex legal and factual issues, particularly in areas involving science and technology including the pharmaceutical industry, building and construction, general commercial contract disputes, long term supply contracts, breaches, termination, intellectual property, shipping and transport, telecommunications, major infrastructure, power and energy (including geothermal, thermal, hydro and nuclear power stations), oil, gas and mineral concessions resources and processes, joint ventures.

Arbitrations have been conducted under institutional rules such as ICC, SIAC and DIAC, UNCITRAL and ad hoc and governed variously by Common Law (Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA [New York, California, New Jersey], Canada [BC], Singapore, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom), Civil Code (France, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, Venezuela, Chile) and Arab State Commercial Codes and procedural law (Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Yemen and UAE) substantive and Sharia’n law and in languages other than English.