Varavudh Meesaiyati

SCL SP & P Company Limited (Cambodia)

Phone: (856) 21 222732-3
Experience / Expertise:
Banking and Finance
Capital Markets
Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions
Employment / Labour
Project Finance

Cambodia and Lao PDR

Varavudh Meesaiyati is a corporate and commercial lawyer with extensive experience in land & property projects, commercial and government contracts, and corporate services. He has practiced law for more than twenty years with nationally recognised law firms. Apart from providing a comprehensive and professional legal service, he is also a Lao PDR tax adviser. He has represented clients in a number of matters involving foreign business law issues, and has acted as a negotiator for joint venture matters and other contractual disputes. He has also represented, and currently represents, a number of multinational and local companies for corporate, real estate, banking/financial activities and labour matters.