KorumLegal is a boutique legal innovator committed to providing flexible, innovative and client-centric legal solutions across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. We’re shaping the new reality in legal solutions. The legal services industry is continuing to change with ‘NewLaw’​ – and clients are seeking more innovative and cost-effective solutions without compromise on experience and quality.

KorumLegal delivers flexible, value driven People, Process and LegalTech solutions to a range of clients from start-ups and SME’s to multinationals, financial institutions and law firms. We believe in being an extension of our client teams – providing quality, accessible, cost effective legal solutions.

People Solutions
Our team of experienced legal consultants are an extension of our clients’ teams, and can work at the clients’ offices or on a remote basis. Legal assignments can be for hours, days, months or on a long-term basis, at a fraction of the price of traditional offerings.

Process Solutions
In response to an increase in demand for “more for less” and to do things “differently”, Korumlegal aids clients in building their legal operations, improving profitability and manage their costs, and deliver results.

Technology Solutions
Korumlegal helps C-Suite, General Counsels and law firms identify new technology solutions to automate and enhance their legal workflows and processes. Advising on the procurement and integration of LegalTech and partner with LegalTech firms to deliver solutions to clients.

Recognition/Awards or Key Deals: Winner of “Visionary Legal Services Provider of the Year, 2017″​ In-House Community Awards, Asian-Mena Counsel Awards.


Address:  12/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Email:  hq@korumlegal.com

Website:  https://www.korumlegal.com/

Contact:  Titus Rahiri, Director

Number of [employees/consultants]:  200+ Consultants / 12 employees

Offices in Asia:  Hong Kong and Singapore

Year Established:  3

Languages spoken:  English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Punjabi, Hindi

Main Practice Areas:  General Corporate, M&A, Technology, Digital & FinTech, Banking & Finance, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Compliance & Governance, Property & Real Estate, Employment & Human Resources, Insolvency & Restructuring, IP, Privacy & Data Protection, Startups & Early-Stage Financing.

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