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Date(s) - 11 Aug 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


承办单位 : 合通机器人和瑛明律师事务所(安永全球法律服务成员所)




  • 《外商投资法》及其相关法律规定如何为外国投资者以下关键问题提供了新的选择和解决方案:外商直接投资相关的过时的文件/公司治理形式、对外商直接投资企业资本结构的限制、对投资企业下游投资的限制等。
  • 在具体实践中,适用《公司法》对每个外商投资企业意味着什么?
  • 《外商投资法》如何在准入前国民待遇、优惠政策、标准制定、政府采购、资本流入和流出、公开渠道融资、知识产权保护等方面为外商投资企业提供公平的竞争环境?



robert lewis


合通机器人是中国首个双语AI合同服务平台。2019年,合通机器人与In-House Community合作,牵头并组建了主要由顶级国际律所/红圈所的资深律师以及跨国公司/国有企业法务部门的资深法务组成的专家委员会,并创建了一套符合《公司法》要求的双语外商投资企业合同模板。其中的范例模板、连同相关注释,已收录在他的新书《外商投资法实务指南》(中英双语,法律出版社2020年8月出版)中。这些符合《公司法》的模板现在也成为合通机器人平台上双语全自动外商投资合同生态系统的一部分。

Jiang Fengwen


姜凤纹 合通机器人高级副总裁、高级专家




林忠瑛明律师事务所合伙人(安永全球法律服务成员所)Dr. Zhong Lin


林博士具有深厚的学术功底,著有涉及国际经济法和国际争端解决等方面的多本专著。林博士主办并出色完成过多起投资、并购和反垄断领域具有影响力的项目。他主办过众多国际私募股权机构在中国的投资项目; 还担任多起境内上市及境外红筹上市交易的中国律师。林博士在国际投资法及合规领域的造诣和丰富实践经验为其在法律界和跨国企业中赢得广泛美誉。林博士不仅在新建合资企业方面经验丰富,在解决合资企业纠纷方面也很有经验,曾多次代表投资者参与合资企业纠纷的仲裁。



Presented by docQbot and Chen & Co. Law Firm

When: Tuesday August 11th, 2020
at 10.00 am Beijing/HK time
Where: Online
(Presented in Chinese Putonghua)

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Three leading professionals on the Foreign Investment Law (FIL) will provide a practical overview of the impact of the FIL from multiple perspectives:

  • How the FIL and related legislation provides new options and solutions for key legacy problems for foreign investors in respect of outdated old-style FDI documentation/corporate governance, limitations on FIE capital structures, and restrictions on FIE downstream investments.
  • What the transition to the Company Law means for every FIE in concrete practical terms.
  • How the FIL and related legislation levels the playing field for FIEs in China in terms of pre-entry national treatment, preferential policies, formulation of standards, government procurement, capital inflows and outflows, public financing, IP protection, etc.


Our presenters:

Robert Lewis – Co-founder and Chief Expert, docQbot (合通机器人robert lewis

docQbot is the first bilingual AI contract service platform in China. Last year, in cooperation with the In-House Community, Robert formed and spearheaded the work of an Expert Committee comprised of leading senior lawyers from top international and Red Circle firms as well as from top MNC and SOE law departments to create a full suite of new bilingual FDI templates to conform to the requirements of the Company Law.  These sample templates, together with related annotations, are included in his new book on the FIL published by Law Press China.  These new Company Law-compliant templates also now form a part of the fully automated ecosystem of bilingual FDI and FIE templates on the docQbot platform.

Robert has also led the development of a new FIE conversion online-offline toolkit, called FIe-conversion in English and e转通 in Chinese. In preparing these new tech-enabled know-how solutions, he is able to draw upon his experience working on thousands of ODI, FDI and cross-border and domestic transactions in China over a period of almost 30 years, both at leading US, UK and Chinese law firms as well as serving as Asia general counsel of a major multinational corporation.


Jiang Fengwen – Senior Vice President and Senior Expert of docQbotJiang Fengwen

Former Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Head of Legal and Integrity, ABB Asia, Middle East and Africa, Fengwen is a Senior Expert at docQBot. She brings a wealth of experience on complex corporate deal structuring and corporate law department management.  She is qualified in China and the US and most recently headed up the legal team for ABB Asia, Middle East and Africa. In that role she led a wide range of innovative legal digitization projects covering contract standardization, online corporate governance tools and resources, and private cloud initiatives.

At docQbot, Fengwen helps corporate law departments design and implement legal-tech solutions utilizing docQbot’s cutting edge tools. In addition, drawing on her extensive commercial transaction experience, she provides direct hands on leadership for key elements for docQbot’s content development initiatives.


Dr. Zhong Lin – Partner at Chen & Co. Law Firm (Member firm of the EY global legal practices)

Dr. Zhong Lin

Dr. Lin has over 30 years’ experience in the areas of international commercial law and corporate compliance, with a focus on private equity, venture capital, foreign direct investment, cross-border merger and acquisition, antitrust and data protection. Dr. Lin’s experience covers various industrial sectors including automotive, life science, health care, and TMT. His in-depth knowledge of these sectors enables him to provide solutions to questions raised.

With profound academic background, Dr. Lin is the author of numerous works on international economic law and dispute resolution. Dr. Lin had advised many influential cases in the areas of corporate, M&A, foreign investment, dispute resolution and antitrust. He was retained by major international PE funds for their investment in China. He also frequently advised A-Share and overseas IPO transactions of PRC companies. His profound knowledge and practical experience in international investment law has won him high reputation among the legal society as well as multinational companies. Not only is Dr. Lin experienced in the formation of JVs, he is also very experienced in the resolution of JV disputes and has represented investors in many JV dispute arbitrations.