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Law firms in Hong Kong have been relying heavily on paperwork. However, digitalization is the key to business success and going paperless is inevitable. Diverting concern from offline to online security will be the next big issue in the legal industry.
BlackBerry Workspaces provides all secured file sharing features that a legal firm needs.

It embeds Digital Rights Management protection into files and allows users to keep track of the files wherever they are, as well as control the power to access, view, edit, copy, print, download and forward the file. You may also revoke, wipe or expire file access even after the document has been downloaded or shared. For example, if you accidentally forwarded a confidential contract to a wrong recipient, you could still control the permission settings remotely and make sure the document will not be disclosed to a third party.

Share, Archive, and Revoke a File


There is a tracking map that shows the locations, email addresses and time stamp of the document active users, giving you full transparency on who is accessing your content.

Track and Control File Activity with BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry understands that screenshots might be a hidden threat to client’s sensitive data and the importance of anti-screen capture cannot be overlooked. With Blackberry Workspaces, you can set customized watermarks to deter against screenshots. What’s more, the function of Spotlight viewer blurs the screen excepting where the mouse is hovering, providing you with further protection from data theft.

BlackBerry Workspaces: Folder Level Permissions

To maintain professionalism and reputation, it is imperative that the legal industry place special attention to cyber security. BlackBerry is a guardian that keeps your files safe anytime and anywhere.


To learn more, visit www.blackberry.com/workspaces or email:kauyeung@blackberry.com



About Blackberry Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces makes your content secure wherever it travels. With Workspaces, all stakeholders can safely access, share and collaborate on even the most sensitive files, using any device — desktop (Windows, Mac) or mobile (iOS, Android, BlackBerry). By combining a user experience that’s as easy and intuitive as any consumer solution with a unique datacentric architecture (which embeds protection right in your files), BlackBerry Workspaces is designed to meet the needs of your organization, IT team, and users. To learn more, visit www.blackberry.com/workspaces.