Charles Keller MD, Scientific Director,

Raise money for Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (

“Childhood cancer is a global health issue touching the lives of at least 300,000 children each year according to WHO estimates, but likely as many as 400,000 children with a quarter of these children going undiagnosed in developing countries. Even for children in nations with state of the art care, 1 in 5 children will not survive. Pharmaceutical companies and their internal champions now more than ever are reaching past the new regulatory requires to test adult cancer drugs for effectiveness in children; however, while US FDA approvals for adult cancer number on average 12 or more each year – for children, effective drugs for pediatric cancer have only been approved 8 times in the last 42 years.

See auction and giveaways below.

The 2019 fundraising support of In-House Community and their clients super-charged childhood cancer research at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (, and this year promises to make an even bigger impact. Highlights of supported work at cc-TDI this past year includes a machine learning project to help improve the diagnosis of children with cancer in developing countries, and developed ones. This project was piloted with the Intel spinout, and complemented by design of a pocket microscope slide scanner by a capstone engineering team at the University of Idaho. The project is hoped to move to the IBM World Community Grid Smash Childhood Cancer Project, led by Dr. Godfrey Chan (Hong Kong University), and for which cc-TDI is a major participant. This project is a key example of how it takes a community to address a question that may not have a profit margin, but has priceless impact for children and affected families. In-House Community leads the way.”


Charity Auction (sponsored by Macey & Sons)

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Best Dressed Winner


Attendees who wish to participate in our Best Dressed competition can share their photo’s with Charles via WhatsApp (number to be announced before the ceremony). The winner will receive the following:

Scientist for a Day Virtual Experience: a personal lab tour by Stella’s dad, Andy Woods and a cc-TDI labcoat, embroidered with their name (any size).

Personalised Labcoat by cc-TDI

Personalised Labcoat by cc-TDI


We’re also giving away some prizes to lucky attendees. The prizes will be drawn at random and only the attendees who are live will be able to win!

3 Tailor Made Shirts from Maxwell Clothiers


Two Bespoke Hand-Tailored Shirts by Ash Samtani (Fabric: Double-ply 100% Sea-Island Cotton, Total value: HK$2,500.00).

Ash Samtani 2 Ash Samtani

Personalised handmade doll made to the likeness of anyone chosen by the winner. By CC-TDI.

Doll Custom

Hamper of Australian bush tucker products. By CC-TDI.

A selection of rare gourmet items created from Australian native outback plants for use by the culinary adventurous. (Donated by Braver Stronger Smarter Inc. Value – US$80)


3 Hand-Made Necklaces by Calleigh Germer from Cuties for a Cure.

Calleigh Necklace

Hope necklace is from Calleigh’s ‘With Love’ collection and comes with a silver coil chain it’s valued at US$15.

‘Love is Everywhere’ necklace (one peice) is in honor Calleigh’s dear friend Holly Bruno who passed away from Rhabdomyosarcoma in March of 2018. It comes with a silver link chain and is valued at US$10

The purple statement necklace comes with a black cord and is valued at $US8.


Personalised showing of KS-SZE’s private jewelry collection in Hong Kong.


Entertain your party at a showing of beautiful private jewelry collection at the KS-SZE’s shop at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. Worth HK$ 1,500.