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Recent amendments to employment and labour laws in Korea
Amendments to several Korean employment and labour statutes were passed on November 28, 2017 and will take effect during the first half of 2018 ...
South Korea: Amendment of the Fair Trade Act
A proposed amendment of the Enforcement Decree of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (Fair Trade Act) was approved by the State Council on September 26, 2017 ...
South Korea: Big data ownership and regulation
On October 16, 2017, the US Supreme Court decided to hear a case in which Microsoft refused to submit requested data to US law enforcement authorities for a criminal investigation ...
SOUTH KOREA: Amendment of Korean Fair Trade-related Laws
The Moon administration is seeking reforms in a variety of areas of the Korean economy, based on its vision of “an economy pursuing co-prosperity” ...
South Korea: Compelling foreign-based inventors to provide deposition testimony in the US
As part of the discovery process in US patent litigation, the party accused of patent infringement will seek the deposition testimony of the inventor ...
Are shares donated to a foundation subject to gift tax?
Hwang Pil-sang, the founder of Suwon Kyocharo, a Korean daily newspaper, decided to donate money earned through his newspaper business to help students of the university he attended ...
South Korea News
S. Korean firm Yulchon establishes 'Jakarta Desk' following trends in investment
South Korea is currently the third biggest investor in Indonesia ...
Yoon & Yang opens Ho Chi Minh City office
Yoon & Yang is opening an office in Vietnam, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s central business district. ...
Bae, Kim & Lee expands Asia reach with new office in Hong Kong
Seoul law firm Bae, Kim & Lee (BKL) has established a new office in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong office will boast 450 lawyers and is BKL's 4th overseas branch, adding to its offices in Beijing ...
South Korea Articles and Reports
North Asia Special Report
Asian-Counsel investigates how liberalisation has influenced the legal systems of Japan and South Korea and compares how each nation has progressed within a globalised market economy. We also get timely updates on investment, litigation, arbitration and tax issues in the two countries by experts on the ground.
Finance Special Report 2008
Off the back of an extraordinary year of growth, modest economic expectations in the year to come are the current trend. Asian-Counsel provides a regional overview in addition to special features on Islamic finance in Japan, recent developments in Malaysian securities law and regulations and Islamic banking and finance regulations in the United Arab Emirates.
To list or not to list? ... The Asian IPO question
Our Special Report on Initial Public Offerings discusses where remaining investor sentiment is heading in the region, and why some industries are likely to forge ahead with listings this year despite market uncertainties. With supplemental reports on the trends and developments in China, Japan and Korea.
Asian M&A
In the Asian M&A Special Report, the complex, multi-directional transactions which have marked the region of late are examined in detail. The simple days of inbound Western investment are clearly a thing of the past.
South Korea focus
This month’s Asian-Counsel marks our South Korea focus issue, providing an overview of the latest developments on Korea’s corporate legal scene by the nation’s leading firms. Meanwhile, our feature story discusses how the current global economy will inspire and impact emerging trends in the nation’s legal market in the year ahead.
Mergers & Acquisitions Special Report
The June issue of Asian-Counsel takes a look at M&A activity levels and trends across Asia Pacific and investigates factors which in-house counsel should consider in light of the downturn, whilst leading firms discuss how newly-enacted legislation and other issues will impact the M&A arena in Japan, Korea and China.
South Korea In-House Insights
Banking on change
Managing Director and Head, Group Legal and Secretariat at DBS Bank Sue Lynn Koo discusses her career trajectory, the importance of out-of-the-box thinking and how technology is both a blessing and a curse for her role. She also gives advice to external counsel she wishes she'd heard when she was one, and reveals the best advice she's ever been given.
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